My Thoughts on 2012 Oscars Dresses

I really love looking at dresses from awards shows, and I especially love seeing the Oscars dresses, since it's the fanciest event of the year.  As Cody could care less, and Eliza's too young to know what I'm talking about :) I thought I'd post my thoughts here!  Mine is definitely not an informed opinion, and my taste is probably pretty conservative, but anyway, here are my thoughts:

Reminds Me of My Prom Dress, Only Better:
 I love this beautiful sparkly navy dress!  It reminds me of a real life version of the dress from the cartoon Anastasia, which I dreamed about wearing to my senior prom.  My choice ended up being similar in color and sparkliness, but not nearly as glam as this dress on the stunning/hilarious Leslie Mann!

Dress That Made Me Do a Double Take:
I freaking love how perfectly this dress matches Ellie Kemper's gorgeous hair color!  The bead work is beautiful and the accessories are so perfect - it just all makes me so happy.  :)  Plus it makes her figure look amazing.  BUT her bangs are DRIVING ME NUTS!  How can she stand them at that terrible resting-on-your-eyelashes length?!

Best Color:
If I had olive skin and beautiful dark hair, I would wear this color all the time.  However, this seafoam-olive is probably in my top 5 Colors That Make Me Look Like Death.  So it's always fun to see someone pull it off so beautifully.  I think her hair and those amazing earrings perfectly complement this flowy foamy dress.  Way to rock it, Maria Menounos!

Craziest Dress That I Actually Liked:
I'm a pretty traditional gal, and if I ever wen to the Oscars (ha!) I would definitely go classy over edgy or bold.  But of all the dresses that I would consider "risky," Nancy O'Dell's bright yellow gown is my fav.  I love seeing blondes rock yellow like this.  Though, in general, I'm not a fan of this much cleavage.  Haven't you heard that modest is hottest, Nancy?

I cannot say how much I love this 50's vintage polka-dot gown on Natalie Portman!  She looks just stunning, and it's accessorized perfectly.  I would love to wear this dress!  Maybe a tea-length version?  Sigh.  I'm not really digging Natalie's hair here, but I'll forgive it because everything else is so perfect.

Best Plus-Size Fashion:
Silver is another color that just makes me look terrible.  And somehow I keep wearing it (sophomore homecoming, bridesmaids dress, and most recently, my brother's wedding - what was I thinking?!)  But this color looks so beautiful against Octavia's skin!  And I love how the beadwork on the dress accentuates her hourglass curves.  Most formal gowns wouldn't do such a good job of playing to her strengths, but this one totally does!

Most Disappointing:
I think Tina Fey is so so beautiful, but this dress is super boring!  It looks like a mother-of-the-bride dress from David's Bridal!  I do like her eye makeup though, and the color looks good on her.  But I think she played it way too safe and ended up looking matronly and blah.  Tina certainly wasn't the worst-dressed - not by a long shot - I just know she could do so much better.

Sexiest Dress:
I think Angelina is looking a bit too skinny here, but hot dang, she is working that dress!  I love the way she lets her beautiful hair & face (and leg!) be her accessories instead of distracting with jewelery or a handbag.  I usually think that Brad Pitt is the better-looking one in the pair, but tonight Angelina blew him out of the water!

Best Dressed:
Emma Stone looks just perfect in this awesome gown!  It's the ideal balance of youthful and classic - I mean, that bow!!  I particularly love that this dress isn't one you'd see worn outside of a red-carpet event - the proportions are just too much for a "regular" person to wear for any special occasion.  But it's perfectly Oscar-worthy and suits her to a T.  And I totally love when red-heads wear red - the color looks amazing on her and re-affirms for me why she's the current Hollywood it-girl.

What are your thoughts?  Did I miss anything amazing?  Or hideous?  :)


Noelle said...

I don't care much about the dresses but I LOVED how Octavia gave a shout out to her Tigers! War Eagle!

Vicki Goode said...

I think you ought to look at couture commentary as a future career option. I loved reading your takes on each dress and it's occupant! Is there a style show in your area looking for a moderator?