When Geeky Meets Awesome

I love this so much.


Friday Nights Are For Laughing

So last Friday, Cody and I headed out to Blockbuster to pick up a movie or two. Lately, I've been disappointed with the selection in the new release section. I guess it makes sense that there are good and bad periods of DVD releases, just like there are in theaters, but it's still annoying to me when we can't seem to find anything that gets us excited in the entire new release section. This is how we ended up renting No Country for Old Men, which I'm sorry, I just didn't get. If I wanted to be bored and slightly depressed, we would just stay home and watch 20/20 for free.

I digress. I was pleasantly surprised upon this trip to Blockbuster to see a fresh batch of new releases. We ended up renting Charlie Bartlett, which I had seen some funny trailers for, but never heard much more about it. I loved it. A lot. So much that I made Cody's dad and brother watch it with me less than 24 hours later. And it was still just as funny. Two thumbs up from me and Cody!

Top 5 things about Charlie Bartlett (more easily understood if you've seen the movie):
5. Anton Yelchin is the cutest! Like, I want him to marry my sister.
4. Red lipstick on teenage girl - so fun!
3. Robert Downey Jr. (I've loved him since Ally McBeal)
2. "Hell Comes With Your Own Locker" = greatest name of a play ever!
1. Yankee Doodle!