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In an effort to encourage my blogging, Wendi tagged me in this survey, reminiscent of a 1999 e-mail forward, or a 2005 MySpace post. I'm a little rusty on survey responding, so don't judge me...

First memory -
Playing with my little cousin Kristy when we were about a year and a half old. I have a pretty bad memory, actually, so I think I might have fabricated this sometime during elementary school in response to a similar writing prompt. I do remember I called Kristy "Ti-Ti" (like what kids say "peeing" and she called me "Yay." Now she teaches art in Seattle and we pronounce each other's names normally. Sad.

First real kiss -
Paul Sims, summer before junior year. Pathetic story actually - we were sitting in his car after he drove me home from a youth group event, and since he hadn't even held my hand yet I wasn't expecting a kiss. So he leans over to kiss me, I mistake it for a hug, lean, and he totally misses and kind of smushes his lips across my cheek. It was SO awkward and he actually called the next day and apologized. :) Needless to say that relationship didn't last long. And he went to Texas Tech, so - sorry Kim - I've always had a bit of judgment for Red Raiders. :)

First love -
CODY, duh! Okay, also Layton Rascow, from first grade. What a hunk. :) But I think the first boy I really ever thought I had a chance at dating was Justin LeBlanc in 9th grade. I moved to Allen from The Woodlands over Christmas, and he actually sent me a letter one time - complete with a drawing of us skiing and the sign-off "Love, Justin." Wow. I was so excited that I put it in my high school time capsule. :)

First concert -
Point of Grace, at the Woodlands Pavillion

First thing you think in the morning -
"Snooze," or "Cody, hit the snooze button"

First pet -
Gretchen and Rolfie, both very adorable mutts

First book you remember loving -
Kid book: the "Color Kittens" Little Golden Book;
Book series: The Babysitters Club (Claudia was, like, my best friend);
Bible book: Esther

First question you'll ask in heaven -
Probably won't be doing a lot of questioning, just singing!!

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation -
Um... Hawaii? I don't know... I don't really take many vacations. Maybe I think about how I really should be using my vacation time when I leave work early for a doctor's apointment...

First best friend -
Adrea Chow, my BFF from 3rd grade on. I think I learned a lot about relationships and even marriage from my friendship with Adrea. Also, I learned that some people actually eat fish eyeballs. I'm still scarred from that one, Mrs. Chow!

Last time you dressed up - Well, I wore heels to work on a Friday, so I'll go ahead and say today!

Last CD you bought -
um... Zoe CD at First Colony C of C... I love that Brandon Scott Thomas!

Last time you cried -
Last night with Cody.

Last time you told someone you loved them -
Cody this morning about a million times - he is never leaving me for 6 days ever again!! Also, I told Catherine I loved her by e-mail today, if that counts.

Last really funny thing you did -
I'll steal Wendi's - I went to Olive Garden with Wendi last Friday and Wendi asked for a few extra mints because she's obsessed (Andes mints, who isn't?!). So our waiter, who had painstakingly quiet up to this point, brings out a to-go box with our bills... I open it as Wendi's signing her credit card slip and totally cracked up - he had filled that entire to-go box with mints! No person would ever need that many mints! Turns out he makes a habit of helping himself to the mints - he told us he keeps tons of them stashed at home... like that would impress us, maybe? Woo-hoo! A guy that steals from his employer! I think he thought Wendi was hot and was trying to woo her with the promise of continually minty-fresh breath. :)

Last thing you watched on TV -
Sports Night on DVD. I had to fill the time somehow while Cody was away!! Also, watched a bit of Friends yesterday, as I do pretty much every weekday from 6 to 7. I love those crazy kids!

Not really sure how this works, or if anyone even reads this blog... but I tag Myra, Tanya and Catherine!