100 Things

Wendi and Kathrine did this for me with my permission. They think that they are so funny.

1. I have blonde hair
2. Cody is my best friend (and I’m married to him too)
3. I LOVE to go camping..NOT
4. I hate to be hot
5. I have two earring holes, a tattoo and used to have a bellybutton ring
6. I have had braces
7. I have long eyelashes
8. I prefer to wear heels
9. I wear a size 10 and I am terrified they will get bigger when I have babies
10. I don’t like to work out, but I make myself… some
11. I am obsessed with fiber
12. I like one pair of jeans more than the other
13. I have an Apple computer
14. I have to commute an hour to work each day
15. Wendi and Kathrine think my hair and make-up always look good
16. I kind of have back problems
17. I recently graduated from physical therapy. Woo hoo!
18. I used to be in love with Robert Horry… but I’m so over it
19. Cody and I have broken up twice
20. When we were sophomores in college, Cody was in a car wreck and I thought he died… he didn’t… I was REALLY glad
21. I like to affirm Cody with both actions and words
22. I dislike cruises
23. I like t-shirts
24. My mom is my 2nd best friend
25. My whole kitchen is teal and lime green
26. Cody does the dishes
27. I am obsessed with Friends (TV show)
28. And Boy Meets World
29. I really like olive oil
30. I like Target
31. I like to shop at Target on my lunch break
32. I love sending out e-vites… NOT
32. I do not own a planner
33. Cody and I had Root Beer floats as the groom’s cake at our wedding
34. I do work well under pressure
35. I have a velvet couch and chair in our living room
36. I like to throw things when I am mad
37. I hope I do not throw my child when I get mad at it
38. I call kids “it”
39. I hate puke/puking and my biggest fear about parenting is the throwup
40. I do not tan very easily
41. I want to wait ~3 more years until we have kids
42. I can’t shoot a gun, but my mom has one
43. I love to read
44. My parents are about to get goats
45. I used to live in the Woodlands
46. I would stay up late every night when I was little because I was scared of fire
47. I am not a pyromaniac
48. I do not like to wear a bathing suit
49. I love musicals
50. My computer monitor is small in our apartment
51. Maybe it’s just because I have a huge one at work
52. I like to dance, but I am not very good at it
53. I am 5’ 9”
54. I went to Prague after my junior year for a Maymester class… I followed Cody there
55. I sucked my thumb when I was little
56. Sometimes I bite my nails when I am stressed out or über (German word) bored
57. I know one German word (über)
58. I love pigs.. but I don’t like to eat them (they are too cute to eat)
59. I sing on the praise team at WOHCOC
60. I wear glasses occasionally (when I have puffy eyes, when I need to look smart, or when I am driving)
61. I played with Barbies when I was little
62. My favorite Barbie was a Hawiian Barbie named Miko
63. My middle name is Marie
64. I use "Alt 136" on the numeric key pad to write my name correctly
65. You can also use "option i e" on a Mac (Chêz)
66. I was raised Baptist by I now go to a Church of Christ
67. I brought flexibility, low fat Cream of Mushroom soup, and blonde hair to the Dishman family gene pool
68. My little sister goes to Texas A&M, so I now "whoop" on occasion
69. I like to crochet
70. I like dogs
71. I want a Yorkie but not until I can stay home to keep him company
72. Our first dog will be named Taco, and all subsequent pets will be named after mexican food
73. I love guacamole, as a food and a pet name
74. I have difficult-to-manicure nails, and therefore I think that I deserve a weekly mani/pedi (however, the budget does not agree)
75. I am a new aunt
76. I was on drill team in high school (NOT a flag girl)
77. I enjoy movies
78. My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail
79. I can’t stand Kirsten Dunst - I want to kick her in the face whenever I see her
80. I love Zoe Goup… I can’t help it
81. I really like Garth Brooks
82. I was I choir for 13 years, and show choir was one of the most fun things EVER
83. I would walk on my treadmill a lot more if I had a TV in front of it
84. I only clean my house if people come over or if Cody is stressing out
85. I hate cleaning the mirrors… I recently purchased a microfiber cloth and highly recommend it
85. I am good at decoupage (as of this week)
86. I like magazines
87. I read 4 a month (Fitness, Eating Well, Cooking Light, and Shape)
88. I hate Oprah…she’s scary and dangerous
89. I like Martha Stewart and think she deserves all her money….she’s right where she needs to be…making wedding magazines
90. I like to copyedit - especially when it's just for fun like the Westover handout on Sundays
91. I am not really a phone talker
92. I check my e-mail often
93. When I was little I wanted to be asian… I used to put my mom’s knee highs on my arms and pretend
94. I was in the top 10% of my high school class
95. I like Pilates
96. I do not want to pay the same amount for short pants as long pants, therefore, I do not really wear capris
97. I like to vent… especially to my mom, Wendi, and Kathrine
98. I like telling people what I think
99. I always run late to everything…
100. Wendi and Kathrine are the coolest people I know... they typed this


Tagged by Wendi

In an effort to encourage my blogging, Wendi tagged me in this survey, reminiscent of a 1999 e-mail forward, or a 2005 MySpace post. I'm a little rusty on survey responding, so don't judge me...

First memory -
Playing with my little cousin Kristy when we were about a year and a half old. I have a pretty bad memory, actually, so I think I might have fabricated this sometime during elementary school in response to a similar writing prompt. I do remember I called Kristy "Ti-Ti" (like what kids say "peeing" and she called me "Yay." Now she teaches art in Seattle and we pronounce each other's names normally. Sad.

First real kiss -
Paul Sims, summer before junior year. Pathetic story actually - we were sitting in his car after he drove me home from a youth group event, and since he hadn't even held my hand yet I wasn't expecting a kiss. So he leans over to kiss me, I mistake it for a hug, lean, and he totally misses and kind of smushes his lips across my cheek. It was SO awkward and he actually called the next day and apologized. :) Needless to say that relationship didn't last long. And he went to Texas Tech, so - sorry Kim - I've always had a bit of judgment for Red Raiders. :)

First love -
CODY, duh! Okay, also Layton Rascow, from first grade. What a hunk. :) But I think the first boy I really ever thought I had a chance at dating was Justin LeBlanc in 9th grade. I moved to Allen from The Woodlands over Christmas, and he actually sent me a letter one time - complete with a drawing of us skiing and the sign-off "Love, Justin." Wow. I was so excited that I put it in my high school time capsule. :)

First concert -
Point of Grace, at the Woodlands Pavillion

First thing you think in the morning -
"Snooze," or "Cody, hit the snooze button"

First pet -
Gretchen and Rolfie, both very adorable mutts

First book you remember loving -
Kid book: the "Color Kittens" Little Golden Book;
Book series: The Babysitters Club (Claudia was, like, my best friend);
Bible book: Esther

First question you'll ask in heaven -
Probably won't be doing a lot of questioning, just singing!!

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation -
Um... Hawaii? I don't know... I don't really take many vacations. Maybe I think about how I really should be using my vacation time when I leave work early for a doctor's apointment...

First best friend -
Adrea Chow, my BFF from 3rd grade on. I think I learned a lot about relationships and even marriage from my friendship with Adrea. Also, I learned that some people actually eat fish eyeballs. I'm still scarred from that one, Mrs. Chow!

Last time you dressed up - Well, I wore heels to work on a Friday, so I'll go ahead and say today!

Last CD you bought -
um... Zoe CD at First Colony C of C... I love that Brandon Scott Thomas!

Last time you cried -
Last night with Cody.

Last time you told someone you loved them -
Cody this morning about a million times - he is never leaving me for 6 days ever again!! Also, I told Catherine I loved her by e-mail today, if that counts.

Last really funny thing you did -
I'll steal Wendi's - I went to Olive Garden with Wendi last Friday and Wendi asked for a few extra mints because she's obsessed (Andes mints, who isn't?!). So our waiter, who had painstakingly quiet up to this point, brings out a to-go box with our bills... I open it as Wendi's signing her credit card slip and totally cracked up - he had filled that entire to-go box with mints! No person would ever need that many mints! Turns out he makes a habit of helping himself to the mints - he told us he keeps tons of them stashed at home... like that would impress us, maybe? Woo-hoo! A guy that steals from his employer! I think he thought Wendi was hot and was trying to woo her with the promise of continually minty-fresh breath. :)

Last thing you watched on TV -
Sports Night on DVD. I had to fill the time somehow while Cody was away!! Also, watched a bit of Friends yesterday, as I do pretty much every weekday from 6 to 7. I love those crazy kids!

Not really sure how this works, or if anyone even reads this blog... but I tag Myra, Tanya and Catherine!


My Year in Pics

So I've never really posted much on here, but Wendi put a link on her blog, and I can't disappoint all of my potential fans. But the problem with me and blogging is that I don't really have much to say. So instead I'll post some pictures. I know that if anything, my mom will enjoy them. :)

So here's an assortment of thing that have happened in the past year:

For our second anniversary, Cody and I went canoing on Town Lake. I love this pic where it looks like Cody's eating a goose. :)

For my birthday this year, Cody gave me presents wrapped in foil (one of his best wrapping jobs ever!) and my bff Melanie sent me a wonderful DVD of Pride & Prejudice, which my baby sis and I spent days watching.

Melanie had her bridal shower in Corsicana, and Lindsey and I drove in from Austin, bringing Katrina, who flew in from DC to surprise Mel. I had so so much fun eating Birthday Cake ice cream circa 2001 and catching up with some of my favorite Wildcats.

My parents both got new toys this year - my dad got his much anticipated John Deere tractor, and my mom got a gun - both to complement their new rural life in Farmersville. Cody was a natural with both the tractor and the gun... me, not so much.

My mom is adorable with the gun, though not a very good shot. Which it turns out is okay, because she doesn't ever plan to shoot anything, she just wants to stand on the front porch and cock the gun to scare away bad guys.

I'm going to be an aunt! That's right, Ty and Charis are having a baby boy in July! We're so excited, and since they recently moved to Tampa, we now have even more reason to vacation to Florida! We miss them a ton, but they can't keep us away from that baby!!

You may think that my love for funny faces in pictures came from my husband, who is a master at goofing up pictures that would otherwise be normal and sweet (or as he would say, lame). But as you can tell by these Christmas pictures of my family, goofy faces are in my genes. Christmas was unbelievably fun - I love my family so much!!

And my best friend got married!! Melanie married the dashing Air Force Captain Matt Larson in January. They're so adorable together, and her wedding was gorgeous, especially the chapel. And how cool is this - we got our makeup air brushed on for the wedding!! If you know me, you know this is just about the coolest thing I could ever imagine. We felt totally ready for the wedding after that - even though we were still in hoodies and snow boots! I love you Mel!!

Cody and I took his parents to see Wicked for their birthdays. It was SUPER fun. And don't tell him I told you, but Steve teared up at the end. :) I love musicals!!!

The Westover Hills Young Married's class went camping a couple weekends ago - well, most of them camped. Cody and I just went for the day because we "needed to be at church Sunday morning," but also experience tells us that I'm a beast when I camp. Like, the meanest, dirtiest, most over-emotional person you've ever met. So we didn't spend the night, which was fine with us since it was FREEZING.

Last weekend Cody and I went to the Austin HBA awards, where we dressed in semi-formal attire, ate a nice dinner and waited 3 looooong hours until our big win was announced - best local builder TV spot. Go Main Street! We had fun playing with the award afterward. :) And I got an excuse to carry my grandma's super-cool vintage purse!

Well, that's the highlights of my year, or at least the highlights of what I have pictures of. Hope you enjoyed my return to blogging!