100 Things

Wendi and Kathrine did this for me with my permission. They think that they are so funny.

1. I have blonde hair
2. Cody is my best friend (and I’m married to him too)
3. I LOVE to go camping..NOT
4. I hate to be hot
5. I have two earring holes, a tattoo and used to have a bellybutton ring
6. I have had braces
7. I have long eyelashes
8. I prefer to wear heels
9. I wear a size 10 and I am terrified they will get bigger when I have babies
10. I don’t like to work out, but I make myself… some
11. I am obsessed with fiber
12. I like one pair of jeans more than the other
13. I have an Apple computer
14. I have to commute an hour to work each day
15. Wendi and Kathrine think my hair and make-up always look good
16. I kind of have back problems
17. I recently graduated from physical therapy. Woo hoo!
18. I used to be in love with Robert Horry… but I’m so over it
19. Cody and I have broken up twice
20. When we were sophomores in college, Cody was in a car wreck and I thought he died… he didn’t… I was REALLY glad
21. I like to affirm Cody with both actions and words
22. I dislike cruises
23. I like t-shirts
24. My mom is my 2nd best friend
25. My whole kitchen is teal and lime green
26. Cody does the dishes
27. I am obsessed with Friends (TV show)
28. And Boy Meets World
29. I really like olive oil
30. I like Target
31. I like to shop at Target on my lunch break
32. I love sending out e-vites… NOT
32. I do not own a planner
33. Cody and I had Root Beer floats as the groom’s cake at our wedding
34. I do work well under pressure
35. I have a velvet couch and chair in our living room
36. I like to throw things when I am mad
37. I hope I do not throw my child when I get mad at it
38. I call kids “it”
39. I hate puke/puking and my biggest fear about parenting is the throwup
40. I do not tan very easily
41. I want to wait ~3 more years until we have kids
42. I can’t shoot a gun, but my mom has one
43. I love to read
44. My parents are about to get goats
45. I used to live in the Woodlands
46. I would stay up late every night when I was little because I was scared of fire
47. I am not a pyromaniac
48. I do not like to wear a bathing suit
49. I love musicals
50. My computer monitor is small in our apartment
51. Maybe it’s just because I have a huge one at work
52. I like to dance, but I am not very good at it
53. I am 5’ 9”
54. I went to Prague after my junior year for a Maymester class… I followed Cody there
55. I sucked my thumb when I was little
56. Sometimes I bite my nails when I am stressed out or über (German word) bored
57. I know one German word (über)
58. I love pigs.. but I don’t like to eat them (they are too cute to eat)
59. I sing on the praise team at WOHCOC
60. I wear glasses occasionally (when I have puffy eyes, when I need to look smart, or when I am driving)
61. I played with Barbies when I was little
62. My favorite Barbie was a Hawiian Barbie named Miko
63. My middle name is Marie
64. I use "Alt 136" on the numeric key pad to write my name correctly
65. You can also use "option i e" on a Mac (Chêz)
66. I was raised Baptist by I now go to a Church of Christ
67. I brought flexibility, low fat Cream of Mushroom soup, and blonde hair to the Dishman family gene pool
68. My little sister goes to Texas A&M, so I now "whoop" on occasion
69. I like to crochet
70. I like dogs
71. I want a Yorkie but not until I can stay home to keep him company
72. Our first dog will be named Taco, and all subsequent pets will be named after mexican food
73. I love guacamole, as a food and a pet name
74. I have difficult-to-manicure nails, and therefore I think that I deserve a weekly mani/pedi (however, the budget does not agree)
75. I am a new aunt
76. I was on drill team in high school (NOT a flag girl)
77. I enjoy movies
78. My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail
79. I can’t stand Kirsten Dunst - I want to kick her in the face whenever I see her
80. I love Zoe Goup… I can’t help it
81. I really like Garth Brooks
82. I was I choir for 13 years, and show choir was one of the most fun things EVER
83. I would walk on my treadmill a lot more if I had a TV in front of it
84. I only clean my house if people come over or if Cody is stressing out
85. I hate cleaning the mirrors… I recently purchased a microfiber cloth and highly recommend it
85. I am good at decoupage (as of this week)
86. I like magazines
87. I read 4 a month (Fitness, Eating Well, Cooking Light, and Shape)
88. I hate Oprah…she’s scary and dangerous
89. I like Martha Stewart and think she deserves all her money….she’s right where she needs to be…making wedding magazines
90. I like to copyedit - especially when it's just for fun like the Westover handout on Sundays
91. I am not really a phone talker
92. I check my e-mail often
93. When I was little I wanted to be asian… I used to put my mom’s knee highs on my arms and pretend
94. I was in the top 10% of my high school class
95. I like Pilates
96. I do not want to pay the same amount for short pants as long pants, therefore, I do not really wear capris
97. I like to vent… especially to my mom, Wendi, and Kathrine
98. I like telling people what I think
99. I always run late to everything…
100. Wendi and Kathrine are the coolest people I know... they typed this