Introducing - TACO!!

We got Taco yesterday, and we love him to pieces already! He's an 8 week old miniature schnauzer and weighs about 6 pounds right now. He's super cuddly but has a lot of spunk too, which should make him an excellent addition to our little family!

Taco has two brothers who recently joined our extended family - Reggie was adopted my my parents last week, and my sister has Berlioz with her at her apartment in College Station. Once Cody and I met those two, it took us less than a day to decide that we must adopt the final member of their litter! My parents kept Taco for us for a few days last week, and my mom brought him to me yesterday!

Cody is loving Taco too! We've known that we would get a dog eventually, but we've been hesitant to get one since our apartmments have been kind of small. But we decided not to wait any more, so we sold our treadmill to make room for his play pen and crate! So far, he's not a huge fan of being left alone - he cried the ENTIRE three hours we were at church this morning. I called my sister Cyndi for advice, and we researched puppy separation anxiety for a while, eventually deciding that they are just typical puppies and are *hopefully* going to get over it eventually. It's heart breaking to hear his whimperey cries when we leave the room though! He's just too cute to be in that kind of misery!!

Here we are - a happy, dog-owning family! Taco loves other dogs (even though he's kind of scared of the big ones) and can't wait to make more friends, so if you want to set up a doggy play date, let us know!!

Cruising with State Farm

We went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago with Cody's coworkers and their significant others. A huge thank you to Brent & Amberly, who sponsored our way to this super-fun vacation! We had a great time and loved getting away from work & responsibility for a week!

Here we are at the life boat safety drill. I tried hard not to think of Titanic. :)

We went horseback riding in Cozumel, which was really fun. We rode around, saw some Mayan ruins, and then spent the last 15 minutes of our ride GALLOPING! That was really fun and something I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to do, so I'm glad we didn't wuss out. :)

Here we are in Roatan, Honduras. Don't be deceived by my smile - I HATED this hike, which I have dubbed our Honduran Hike from Hell. But I survived, and I guess in retrospect I'm proud that I made it. But next time we're in Honduras, we're just going to go to the beach or something.

In Costa Maya, we spent some time hanging out with Brent & Amberly. They're so much fun, and we're so blessed that Cody works for such a great insurance mentor. :) We go to church together too, so Cody sees a lot of Brent, but they have a lot of fun together and don't seem to mind hanging out six days a week!

The highlight of the cruise for me was the magic show - my first experience with magic was at Lauren's bachelorette shower, and I've been a sucker for live magic tricks ever since. This duo was amazing and pretty funny too. I had my mouth gaping open like that for most of the show!

Okay, the real highlight of the show was watching Cody show his wild side in the Karaoke Superstar competition. Both he and Brent made it to the finals, and they were both wonderful - the two best performers of the night! Cody's coworker Pat took some video of it, but I'm not really sure how to upload it, so suffice to say his performance involved a lot of hair gel, crawling around on the stage, running through the crowd, and ripping open his pearl-snap shirt. It was awesome and I was never prouder to be his wife. :)