My Year in Pics

So I've never really posted much on here, but Wendi put a link on her blog, and I can't disappoint all of my potential fans. But the problem with me and blogging is that I don't really have much to say. So instead I'll post some pictures. I know that if anything, my mom will enjoy them. :)

So here's an assortment of thing that have happened in the past year:

For our second anniversary, Cody and I went canoing on Town Lake. I love this pic where it looks like Cody's eating a goose. :)

For my birthday this year, Cody gave me presents wrapped in foil (one of his best wrapping jobs ever!) and my bff Melanie sent me a wonderful DVD of Pride & Prejudice, which my baby sis and I spent days watching.

Melanie had her bridal shower in Corsicana, and Lindsey and I drove in from Austin, bringing Katrina, who flew in from DC to surprise Mel. I had so so much fun eating Birthday Cake ice cream circa 2001 and catching up with some of my favorite Wildcats.

My parents both got new toys this year - my dad got his much anticipated John Deere tractor, and my mom got a gun - both to complement their new rural life in Farmersville. Cody was a natural with both the tractor and the gun... me, not so much.

My mom is adorable with the gun, though not a very good shot. Which it turns out is okay, because she doesn't ever plan to shoot anything, she just wants to stand on the front porch and cock the gun to scare away bad guys.

I'm going to be an aunt! That's right, Ty and Charis are having a baby boy in July! We're so excited, and since they recently moved to Tampa, we now have even more reason to vacation to Florida! We miss them a ton, but they can't keep us away from that baby!!

You may think that my love for funny faces in pictures came from my husband, who is a master at goofing up pictures that would otherwise be normal and sweet (or as he would say, lame). But as you can tell by these Christmas pictures of my family, goofy faces are in my genes. Christmas was unbelievably fun - I love my family so much!!

And my best friend got married!! Melanie married the dashing Air Force Captain Matt Larson in January. They're so adorable together, and her wedding was gorgeous, especially the chapel. And how cool is this - we got our makeup air brushed on for the wedding!! If you know me, you know this is just about the coolest thing I could ever imagine. We felt totally ready for the wedding after that - even though we were still in hoodies and snow boots! I love you Mel!!

Cody and I took his parents to see Wicked for their birthdays. It was SUPER fun. And don't tell him I told you, but Steve teared up at the end. :) I love musicals!!!

The Westover Hills Young Married's class went camping a couple weekends ago - well, most of them camped. Cody and I just went for the day because we "needed to be at church Sunday morning," but also experience tells us that I'm a beast when I camp. Like, the meanest, dirtiest, most over-emotional person you've ever met. So we didn't spend the night, which was fine with us since it was FREEZING.

Last weekend Cody and I went to the Austin HBA awards, where we dressed in semi-formal attire, ate a nice dinner and waited 3 looooong hours until our big win was announced - best local builder TV spot. Go Main Street! We had fun playing with the award afterward. :) And I got an excuse to carry my grandma's super-cool vintage purse!

Well, that's the highlights of my year, or at least the highlights of what I have pictures of. Hope you enjoyed my return to blogging!