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In an effort to encourage my blogging, Wendi tagged me in this survey, reminiscent of a 1999 e-mail forward, or a 2005 MySpace post. I'm a little rusty on survey responding, so don't judge me...

First memory -
Playing with my little cousin Kristy when we were about a year and a half old. I have a pretty bad memory, actually, so I think I might have fabricated this sometime during elementary school in response to a similar writing prompt. I do remember I called Kristy "Ti-Ti" (like what kids say "peeing" and she called me "Yay." Now she teaches art in Seattle and we pronounce each other's names normally. Sad.

First real kiss -
Paul Sims, summer before junior year. Pathetic story actually - we were sitting in his car after he drove me home from a youth group event, and since he hadn't even held my hand yet I wasn't expecting a kiss. So he leans over to kiss me, I mistake it for a hug, lean, and he totally misses and kind of smushes his lips across my cheek. It was SO awkward and he actually called the next day and apologized. :) Needless to say that relationship didn't last long. And he went to Texas Tech, so - sorry Kim - I've always had a bit of judgment for Red Raiders. :)

First love -
CODY, duh! Okay, also Layton Rascow, from first grade. What a hunk. :) But I think the first boy I really ever thought I had a chance at dating was Justin LeBlanc in 9th grade. I moved to Allen from The Woodlands over Christmas, and he actually sent me a letter one time - complete with a drawing of us skiing and the sign-off "Love, Justin." Wow. I was so excited that I put it in my high school time capsule. :)

First concert -
Point of Grace, at the Woodlands Pavillion

First thing you think in the morning -
"Snooze," or "Cody, hit the snooze button"

First pet -
Gretchen and Rolfie, both very adorable mutts

First book you remember loving -
Kid book: the "Color Kittens" Little Golden Book;
Book series: The Babysitters Club (Claudia was, like, my best friend);
Bible book: Esther

First question you'll ask in heaven -
Probably won't be doing a lot of questioning, just singing!!

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation -
Um... Hawaii? I don't know... I don't really take many vacations. Maybe I think about how I really should be using my vacation time when I leave work early for a doctor's apointment...

First best friend -
Adrea Chow, my BFF from 3rd grade on. I think I learned a lot about relationships and even marriage from my friendship with Adrea. Also, I learned that some people actually eat fish eyeballs. I'm still scarred from that one, Mrs. Chow!

Last time you dressed up - Well, I wore heels to work on a Friday, so I'll go ahead and say today!

Last CD you bought -
um... Zoe CD at First Colony C of C... I love that Brandon Scott Thomas!

Last time you cried -
Last night with Cody.

Last time you told someone you loved them -
Cody this morning about a million times - he is never leaving me for 6 days ever again!! Also, I told Catherine I loved her by e-mail today, if that counts.

Last really funny thing you did -
I'll steal Wendi's - I went to Olive Garden with Wendi last Friday and Wendi asked for a few extra mints because she's obsessed (Andes mints, who isn't?!). So our waiter, who had painstakingly quiet up to this point, brings out a to-go box with our bills... I open it as Wendi's signing her credit card slip and totally cracked up - he had filled that entire to-go box with mints! No person would ever need that many mints! Turns out he makes a habit of helping himself to the mints - he told us he keeps tons of them stashed at home... like that would impress us, maybe? Woo-hoo! A guy that steals from his employer! I think he thought Wendi was hot and was trying to woo her with the promise of continually minty-fresh breath. :)

Last thing you watched on TV -
Sports Night on DVD. I had to fill the time somehow while Cody was away!! Also, watched a bit of Friends yesterday, as I do pretty much every weekday from 6 to 7. I love those crazy kids!

Not really sure how this works, or if anyone even reads this blog... but I tag Myra, Tanya and Catherine!


Kim said...

OK, you know it's not fair to judge a school by one bad kiss in high school! I totally call you on that! Although I may have to admit on the witness stand that there was one or two bad kissers at Tech. I'm sure there were none at ACU!

Wendi said...

wow - I am proud of you! And no.. the waitor did not think I was hot.. he was just trying to get a good tip by stealing the mints from the company. Love you!

Charis said...

What did you do when Cody was on his trip!? Ty wants to go next year, so maybe we could hang out together :)

hejlyeah said...

Glad you're out and about in the blog world.

Chez said...

I'll tell you what I did Charis - NOTHING. Next year I'll glad to hold my nephew for a week - maybe even in some exotic locale, like New York or Malibu or Fredericksburg. :) We should plan something for sure.