And a New Dog - Queso!

Our little Taco has been pretty lonely lately. We've always known he loves other dogs - he had a blast in our apartment complex with his buddies, especially his BFF Cooper the Schnoodle. He also loves seeing his brothers, Reggie & Berlioz. Here's a pic of the three of them together. It was quite a feat to get them to hold still for this picture. Taco is on the left, then "Bear" the shaggy dog, then Reggie.
On top of that, we've been causing some serious upheaval in Taco's life recently. First was the "fixing" procedure, followed by this miserable cone. Look at his right leg - they shaved him for his IV line before surgery. Hilarious! We called him Peg Leg for a while.

Then, just as life gets back to normal, we move into our new house! Taco pretty much loves the house, but without dogs to play with, he's been getting into some trouble. Here he is in our backyard hiding out. He's got that "busted" look on his face - we've been seeing it a lot lately!

We (foolishly?) figured that the solution to this problem was to get him a playmate. We searched around on Craigslist and found this schnauzer/terrier mix in Dallas who was rescued by a sweet vet technician before his mean owner surrendered him to the pound. His name was Roofus, but we renamed him Queso so we can have a full-on Mexican feast of pets. Look at that face!!

Luckily for Taco, Queso LOVES to play and wrestle. He's a bit taller than Taco, so Queso pretty much dominates him all the time. But Taco is in puppy heaven! Unfortunatley, all the wrestling and barking and jumping on furniture is driving Cody and I totally insane. I mean, they're cute but SHHHHH!!!! Here's a pic of the two of them together. It took bribing with treats to get them to stop playing long enough to take this pic!
(Please excuse their ridiculous haircuts - we just took them to be groomed and they basically shaved them bald! I think Taco especially looks silly, but hopefully it will grow back soon!)

Here's our failed attempt at a family portrait. We tried about 5 of these but the dogs kept trying to attack eachother before we could snap the photo. Oh well, here's the best we can do. (Cody's tired expression is pretty much how we've both been feeling all week. A piece of advice: consider waiting more that one week after moving before getting a new pet!)

Despite the chaos (and complete lack of unpacking), we're enjoying our new addition to the family. Queso is great at going potty in a timely manner (hopefully he's teaching Taco about this), and he's getting better about eating. He's a little more cuddly than Taco is, which is kind of sweet, and hopefully he will learn our rules pretty soon.
Welcome home, little Queso!


Chris and Kristin said...

I LOVE Queso. The name, the face, everything! Good job finding Taco a buddy. I can't wait to see more pictures of your new casa (finished or not!). You have a cute family!! :)

The Retired Mama said...

Queso is so cute! I think the hair cut did him a world of good. And I really don't think that they cut Taco that short. He looks almost like he did when our three pups were photographed together. Great post!

Wendi said...

Oh my word. I love the mexican feast theme. What will you name your 1st child? Refried Beans? Probably so... and I'll happily take the credit on coming up with such a creative name for your baby. love you!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute. We will have to meet at the park sometime for a playdate.

Kim P. said...

You guys are a little crazy =) He's super cute, though, and I'm glad they've having fun together. Great name too!

gayle said...

So cute! Glad you got a rescue! I would do that myself if it wasn't just me! :)

I think you'll be interested to see the changes in Taco now that he has a yard and a house. Monty became much more territorial (not in a bad way) now that he has *his* space and we're not in an apartment. :)

Kathi P said...

new house, new dog...what's next?!? new baby???? i call babysitting!