4 More Years!

Cody and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary this Thursday. Since I'll be at Hyatt Lost Pines sleeping, eating, swimming, and the like, I thought I'd post a few pictures in advance of the big day.

Here we are chillin' out at our wedding:

Getting jiggy with it on the honeymoon:
Our first anniversary, at Driskill Grill:

On our second anniversary, about to row, row, row a boat:

On our third anniversary, at Alamo Drafthouse for The Simpsons Movie:

I've had more fun in the past 4 years being married to Cody than I ever could have imagined! He is: hilarious, sweet, random, smart, tall, smiley, hungry, romantic, helpful, exciting, silly, complimentary, thoughtful, and... in the words of Van Montgomery (from Reba, our brainless syndicated sitcom of choice for 2008): well-emBROWed. I'm so glad his crazy eyebrows won me over back in 2001. What would this millenium be without my favorite person in the world?!!


Wendi said...

Happy 4 years!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have fun at the Hyatt.. I've heard good things :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kim P. said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary in advance! Have a fun trip =)

lindseyshae said...

Wow it's already been 4?!?! I love you two and am so glad to have you both in my world. Happy Anniversary!!

Neena said...

Happy 4th anniversary. Have lots of fun.

Melanie Knox Larson said...

And where would I be without the two of you???

Nowhere. Dead.


Amanda said...

hope you are having a great anniversary get-away!

Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary! Loving the picture of you by the boat- SO SERIOUS! :)

mindy said...

Hey!!! I just found your blog. Happy anniversary! Hope y'all have fun!